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Things to Consider When Choosing a Pool Builder

Whether it’s a small spa project or your dream pool, new pool construction are a major investment. You may have spent months making your decision to purchase a pool and determining which builder is best for you.

With such a massive investment comes the responsibility to research who you’re giving your hard-earned money to. Make sure to consult your prospective pool builder carefully to ensure they have a history of quality customer care. You should also confirm they have proper licenses to build pools.

Here are a few things to consider before finalizing a deal with a custom pool builder.

What is the company’s reputation in the community?

Find out how long the pool builder you’re considering has been building in your community. You should also learn about the quality of pools they’re building. You have lots of options, but it’s important to find a builder that has accumulated a reputation for customer satisfaction.

Do you know a friend or neighbor who has used the same company with good results?

If you don’t have a direct reference, the pool builder should always provide you with reliable references. Always seek out a list of the builder’s references if you don’t have a personal recommendation. You should see some of their completed work to assure it’s up to your standards.

Always seek to verify how past customers felt about the pool building process from start to finish, especially in recent builds. Customer satisfaction is key in such a massive investment.

How does the POOL BUILDER treat you as a potential customer?

Don’t rush into your decision to purchase a pool, even if a pool builder would like you to. Be prepared to shop around, get bids, and consider how each company treats you throughout the process.

How long has the company been in business, and how long have they been building in your area?

Companies can advertise “more than 30 years of experience” or “since 1985.” In actuality, the company may have only been in business for a short time. Rather than the truthful company start date, they may be using the sum total of years in the industry by all of their employees. Make sure you understand the company’s history before making your decision to work with the company.

The longer a pool company has been in the area, the more reputable they typically are. Florida has lenient bankruptcy laws that allow a pool company to go bankrupt, then change one word in their company name and resume business. Make sure to know the true history of the company you’re dealing with.

How many pools have they built?

Just like in any business, experience equates to expertise, and expertise is what builds top-notch pools. Often, new pool companies or companies with high turnover rates are training their people on the job at your expense. A history of excellent pool building with experienced workers is a company you want to work with. This will assure you’re getting a quality pool build. Griffin Pools has built over 7,000 pools throughout Florida since we opened for business.

Will the company provide you with a clear written estimate?

You shouldn’t be confused about what work will be done. There are no handshake deals when it comes to building pools. Detailed written contracts eliminate any “gray area” and assure the customer will receive exactly what they bargained for. Customers should always read every detail the contractor gives them.

Customers looking to build a pool should be skeptical of any pool builder who wants you to sign a contract on first meeting or pressures you into signing anything without allowing you to consider your options. It’s a big investment, so take your time with it.

Will the pool builder finish the project on time?

This is another benefit of talking to references who have worked with the contractor to confirm how their work is done. A concern for many is how long workers will be in their backyard and leaving a mess. Customers should be assured of a building plan, and feel comfortable that the project can be completed by the target date.

Is the company in good standing with your local Building Department, Polk County or City Municipality or Contractor’s Board?

Working with local building and zoning officials ensure that your pool constructors have the proper clearances to begin building your pool and spa. When you’re in the process of finding a pool building company, you want to ensure that they can pull proper permits and zoning requirements before beginning construction on your pool.

Being in good standing with these institutions ensures that the pool building process can move along smoothly, with no snags at the permits or zoning levels.

Will the company add hidden charges after the construction process has begun?

Often, pool companies will make a pitch to build a pool that they know won’t fit into your budget, leaving out crucial information about the pool building process that is relevant. Pool companies are constantly trying to outbid each other and sometimes that results in dishonest quotes.

These hidden costs can be avoided with clear communication, but be skeptical of prices that are much lower than other bids. To assure you won’t be charged hidden fees later in the process, discuss the project at length with the builder. This is also another topic that you should seek out references and past reviews for.

Is the company financially stable so that there is no risk that you’ll be left with an unfinished pool if they go out of business?

Ultimately, the answer to this comes down to the legacy of excellence the pool builder has in your community.

If a new pool company is offering a lower price and looking for a larger down payment than you expected, maybe you should consider their motives in getting the sale. The more reputable references and history in your area, the more dependable the company likely is, and the less you have to worry about the project’s completion.

Will the builder keep your property clean and safe throughout the construction process?

Understanding the pool building process from the contractor will help you develop realistic expectations for the completion of your pool. We always set a deadline for our pools and communicate any changes clearly to our customers. We’ll always keep a tidy and professional workspace throughout the project.

Any quality builder should do the same, and clearly communicate any changes or delays in the project schedule. Solid communication from the beginning of the project can help indicate a team that will work to keep your backyard as clean and safe as possible.

Choose Griffin Pools As Your Pool Builder

Aside from winning countless awards for beautiful and innovative custom pools throughout Florida, Griffin Pools is also well-known for offering unparalleled customer service. From helping you understand all of the design options, to clearly communicating what you can expect during the construction process, we make sure that you are well-informed during each phase of the project.

As the largest pool builder in Polk Country with more than 7,000 pools built, we set the standard as the industry leader in new pool construction. If you are interested in learning more about our pools, feel free to send us a question using our contact form or give us a call at (863) 665-8080 if you have any questions at all.


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