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Why You Should Own a Pool

Have you been dreaming about owning your own pool? A new pool installation is a major purchase to most people, so we want you to consider the great parts of owning a private oasis in your own backyard.

Griffin Pools believes that our custom-built pools add value to our customer’s lives in so many different ways. If you are considering purchasing a swimming pool we hope you find the following information beneficial to your decision. As always, feel free to send us a question using our contact form or give us a call at (863) 665-8080 if you have any questions about our pool construction services.

Below are just a few of the prominent benefits of owning your own backyard pool.

Quality family time in the pool

When you build a pool, you are creating a fun, relaxing and healthy space for your children and the entire family to spend quality time together, and they never have to leave the backyard. You will make memories that last a lifetime as you teach your kids to swim, play with them in the pool, barbecue with friends and relatives, and relax on your pool deck. Our pools become social centerpieces in our customer’s homes.

Create an outdoor resort at home

A well-designed swimming pool is not just a concrete bowl filled with water. It turns your backyard into an elegant outdoor resort and oasis — it’s like being on permanent vacation. With spas, waterfalls, vanishing edges, planters and other unique amenities, a pool can serve as a relaxing and inviting centerpiece right in your own backyard. Relaxing by the pool in your own backyard has an unmatched soothing effect for our customers

Throw a backyard party at your pool

During the warm afternoons, summer evenings or chilly winter nights, using the pool deck area is a great way to entertain. Invite your friends over for dinner, pool games, poolside barbecue or just a dip in the spa. Make your backyard the neighborhood party spot.

Stay healthy and burn calories

Why drive to the gym when you can take a dip in the pool just steps away with a new pool installation? With your backyard pool, you can spend time exercising in your own backyard and start creating healthy habits. Research shows that swimming provides a better total body workout with a low risk of injury. Swimming also helps you to lose weight faster without stress on your joints, and it’s greatly beneficial for heart health.

Unwind and relax in your private pool

When you get home from a long day at work or need to escape the hectic demands of life, there is no better way to relax than take with a quick dip in your pool or spa. Spending time in the water helps your body and mind relax and shed life’s stresses. You might just find yourself sleeping deeper than you ever have before!

Pools Increase the value of your home

Studies show that owning a pool increases the value of your home by as much as 11% in the state of Florida. It also makes your property more attractive to prospective homebuyers, especially in a state where it can be used year-round. If it comes time to move, owning a pool may be the difference between selling your home quickly and keeping it on the market.

Stay cool in the pool

Instead of hiding indoors with the air conditioning and watching Netflix, you can beat the summer heat by lounging in the cool waters of your own pool. If a screen enclosure is added to the pool installation you can also shield some of the sun’s rays, yet still cool off in the crisp, clean and safe water.

Teach your kids to swim at home

With a swimming pool in your backyard, you can give your kids and their friends a place to play that is both convenient and safe. It’s important to teach your kids to swim at a young age so they feel comfortable in the water in any situation. With a new pool construction, they can learn in the safety of their own backyard.

The neighborhood destination

Pools are fun for everyone. If you have children, it can be difficult to keep them busy, and teenagers may want to get as far away from your supervision as possible. With a pool, you have a place where your neighbors will want to visit, and your kids will want to host their friends, staying right in your own backyard.

Save some money

A pool is easier to finance and maintain than most people think with several options to finance and budget a pool. Beyond that, in the long run, pools are less expensive than big family vacations and other entertainment options. Plus, you will create just as many memories that last a lifetime. Your pool will always be there!

Long-lasting fun

Building a pool is a great investment that will reap rewards for a lifetime. A vacation, a movie, or a visit to a theme park will all come to an end, but a pool will be enjoyed by your friends and family for years to come. You never have to leave your backyard oasis!

As Polk County and Central Florida’s most trusted and professional swimming pool, spa and water feature builder, we believe in providing potential pool owners with the information necessary to make the right decision for them and their families. If you are interested in learning more about our pool installation, feel free to send us a question using our Contact Form or give us a call at (863) 665-8080 if you have any questions at all.


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